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Fire doorsets in a row on the production line


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West Port offer a range of veneered, laminated and solid timber fire doorsets in a variety of styles, colours and wood grain finishes. Fire doors are available in a 30-minute (FD30) or 60-minute (FD60) options.

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Fire Door Production Line with timber fire doorsets in a row

Why Complete Doorsets

We will only supply a fire doorset that has primary test evidence, this allows us to make sure that every fire door is factory calibrated.

Our production line specifically caters to manufacturing large quantities of complete fire doorsets, this allows us to use the latest in computer aided technology to accurately CNC machine our door blades to very tight tolerances ready for glazing, finishing and to fit ironmongery. This is one of the reasons why our fire doorsets regularly exceed test times by up to 40%.

Timber fire doorset in production

Complete Fire Doorsets

Our Fire Doors are Fully Factory Finished, allowing our product to meet the exact requirements.

Door Gaps

Door gaps are one of the most common failure issue with fire door compliance, we provide a complete fire door set that is a finished unit where ‘door gaps’ have passed our quality assurance and meet industry standards.

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Our doorsets are delivered with all ironmongery factory fitted, removing the risk of error on-site and speeding up
the installation process.

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Secure By Design - SBD

SBD is the official police security initiative, which provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime.

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Factory Finish

Unlike many new fire doors that are supplied in a primed state, our doorsets are all veneered (if required) or painted to your specification using our state of the art automated paint line.

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CE marking is often spoken about with respect to hinges, it is an easy check point for inspectors.


Fully factory glazed to meet either 30 or 60 minute requirements, with double-glazing available for external products.

No Assembly

We only manufacture complete factory finished doorsets with no requirement
for on-site finishing or machining
for ironmongery.

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No Finishing

No need to introduce other trades on-site saving time, cost and disruption for
the customer.

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Complete ready to fit 

All doors come with lift off hinges for ease of installation.

The Golden Thread of a

West Port fire doorset

Timber Fire Doorset Remedial Work
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Timber Fire Doorset Specification Icon

West Port’s experienced team of surveyors, estimators and sales staff can guide our customers through a bespoke specification process ensuring your fire doorsets meet the requirements of your project. Our Primary Test Evidence offers a wide range of door styles to suit all needs.


West Port work closely with 3rd party accredited Installers throughout the UK offering a quick and efficient installation process that complies with UK GOV regulations. Installation data can be uploaded to the CCS app along with individual door allocation to a specific site address, creating a life cycle of thefire door. 

Remedial Work

During the life time of a fire door components like closers, door handles, intumescent strips can become damaged and require repair or replacement, door gaps might require adjustment this remedial work keeps a fire door compliant and ready to save lives. West Port’s sister company Contactless Check Solutions (CCS) is a simple digital app and dashboard that records the entire life cycle of a fire door to ensure you comply with new and existing Fire Door Regulations. Visit CCS’s website

Primary Test Evidence  

West Port’s policy is to only provide fire doorsets with Primary Test Evidence where available. All fire doorsets are put through a rigorous testing and certification process that covers fire, smoke and security. This has created a large back catalogue of Primary Test Evidence allowing every fire doorset to be factory calibrated and certified.


We manufacture FD30, FD60 & Fire Screens using the latest CNC machining processes. These are painted in our state of the art automated paint plant. UKCA approved glass and ironmongery is installed producing a complete precision fire doorset ready to be delivered to any UK location. Every fire doorest is also fitted with a CCS Fire Door Management System data tag as standard, creating your first step to complete compliance.


Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states the responsible person must ensure that general fire precautions (which includes fire doors) must be in an efficient working order and in good repair. To accomplish this a routine inspection regime is recommended. West Port supplies a CCS data tag in every door as standard, this is the starting point to your businesses journey to compliance. We recommend the CCS Fire Door Management System is used to conduct your fire door inspections.

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Fire Doors in a housing asociation

FD30 Fire Doorsets

West Port's FD30 fire doorsets are amongst the most robust and reliable fire doors available in the UK.
Subjected to rigorous testing by both Cambridge Fire Research and BRE, West Port’s fire doors can withstand high temperatures over the 30 minutes requirement by up to 40%.

• Solid Maelstrom hardwood faced Door Blade

• Combined SBD and Fire Certification

• 1.8 U-value with double glazing, full glass and 54mm door blank

• Door set tested with fire both sides

• Every door we provide is supplied complete with relevant markings to verify the door’s fire integrity

• Test temperatures reach almost 1000c

• Tested to British standards BS476 part 22

• The complete design has been tested including accessories, glazing, letter plates, air vents, etc

FD60 Fire Doorsets

The FD60 fire door is also available in the West Port fire door range. Crucially, like all West Port fire-rated products, our fire doors have been tested as an assembled door set, giving the most accurate assessment of their performance in a real fire. Many other manufacturers test fire door component separately, giving misleading results.

• First fire tested in 2002 and extensively since

• Maelstrom Hardwood faced Door Blade

• Fire Certification

• Exceeded the BS476 pt22 FD60 requirement

• Doorsets tested with fire from both sides

• Every door we provide is supplied complete with relevant markings to verify the door’s fire integrity

• Temperatures reach almost 1000 degrees Celsius during testing

• Tested to British standards BS476 part 22

• The complete design has been tested including accessories, glazing, letter plates, air vents etc

Timber Fire Doorsets - FD60 fire doors - social housing
Double Communal Fire Doorsets with kick plates and bar handles

Communal & Internal Fire Doorsets

West Port internal and communal fire doorsets have been rigorously tested in specific full scale tests to British and European standards at UKAS accredited test houses.


Internal and Communal fire doorsets have an important function to protect escape routes from the effects of fire so occupants can reach means of escape. They also enable the Fire & Rescue Service to carry out their operational duties within compartmented areas.

Fire Door Screens

Glazed internal screens are increasingly being specified as a more sophisticated alternative to conventional brick or concrete wall constructions. These often expansive amalgams of wood, glass and doors have become particularly fashionable in Schools, Offices and other Public and Commercial buildings for applications such as corridors, lobby’s and partition walls.

Timber Fire Door Screens
Timber Fire Door Testing at Cambridge Fire Research

Testing & Primary
Test Evidence

At West Port we treat fire safety with the utmost seriousness, and our fire-rated products are among the most robust and reliable in the industry. The more primary test evidence a manufacturer can call upon, the wider the scope of results, and the greater the suitability of any individual solution.


Having a large pool of test data to draw upon allows us to work with specifiers to offer custom fire door designs and configurations. West Port has a policy to only provide fire doors where primary test evidence is available.

Fire Door Management

Every West Port fire doorset comes with a CCS Fire Door Management System RFID Pin fitted as standard. 

Developed in 2018, CCS is the original fire door tagging system. With over 1.5million checks carried out on the system already, CCS is proving to be the trusted solution that businesses are turning to across the UK.


A simple but thorough method to record the entire history of a fire door to ensure you comply with new and existing Fire Door Regulations.

Contactless Check Solutions logo - fire door management system
Contactless Check Solution fire data pin being installed to a timber fire doorset at the point of manufacture

Not Just Compliant

One of our valued customers came to us last year to talk about a very large ongoing fire door replacement program. They had concerns relating to the integrity of their internal walls and together we decided to test the entire system under strict test conditions. The FD30’s and wall exceeded the 30 minute requirements by 60%, lasting over 50 minutes on each occasion.

Because sometimes being compliant just isn’t enough…

Fire Door Test

Get in Touch

At West Port we have dedicated teams of experienced staff who can help... Whether it is a sales query or you need support with a technical issue click the button below and send us a message using the web contact form and we will come right back to you...

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