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Fire Door Management made easy, with locations shown on a skyline at night


CCS Fire Data Pin
CCS iPhone and Android Fire Door App


CCS Dashboard on iMac Screen
Contactless Check Solutions Logo for fire door mangement

The new and easy way to ensure fire door compliance is in line with UK regulations

 Installing a CCS pin and using the app can save up to 60% inspection time 

 An MOT style report is automatically issued after each inspection

 All data is fully encrypted with no risk of loss

 Dashboard overview showing the compliance status

 Fire doors can be pinned at the time of manufacture or retrofitted without expensive tools

 The status of unchecked, failed and compliant doors are all listed in a simple overview, site-by-site using the Dashboard

 Real time data capture and syncing for manufacturer, installation, inspection & maintenance checks throughout the life-cycle of fire door stock

Our CCS Data pin is designed to be fitted to Timber Fire Doorsets but we also have an option for an RFID coin that can be used for Fire Doors made from other materials

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