Thank you for purchasing West Port Timber products. 

West Port offers a full aftercare service to all customers, which allows you to protect your investment by having our skilled joinery and paint technicians complete all required maintenance for you.

It is important that all products are inspected at least annually (depending on building/locations). By identifying any potential problems early enough, the solutions become much more straightforward and your guarantee is not at risk.


Welcome Pack

Inside your welcome pack you should find;

• 1 x Sample of Mild Cleaning Agent

• 1 x Sample of Care Balsam

• 1 x Touch-up Paint Pot

• Warranty Card


Soak a cotton cloth with the detergent sample and clean the coated surfaces. Avoid intense rubbing, and allow to dry for approx 30 minutes.


Use a second cloth to apply a thin layer of care balsam. Apply uniformly by moving rapidly in one direction. Do not polish or rub.


Dispose of leftover product in the original container. This product may not be disposed of together with household waste. Do not allow to reach the sewer system.

CARE SET (pictured):

For windows & doors coated with an opaque or translucent coating. Regular use leads to extend the renovation intervals or life cycle of the surfaces. Refreshes the colour effect/shine on your doors and windows, as well as added protection from the elements.

Set contains 250ml cleaner, 250ml balsam and specialist cotton cloth.


Commission & Annual Inspections*

Commission and Annual inspections are essential and key factors that must always be carried out with any timber product. Minor amendments are always required over time, as the products will settle within a new environment. The products also require maintenance and care on an annual basis.


Why not take advantage of West Port’s Aftercare services, these benefits are for our customer’s peace of mind, and to also ensure all of our products are given the best treatment to prolong their lifespan.


• The Commissioning Service is set in place to help sites with a smooth, faster and effective handover; therefore, no delays are incurred. Our team take over the responsibility of commissioning all products which includes, repairs, adjustments, ordering and replacing any products.

• The Annual Inspection Service is set in place for our team to attend site once a year. This has been proven to prolong the quality of the products, keeping your warranty in place and also helping customers understand the guidelines of the maintenance schedules which are to be carried out for each product. If you are interested in becoming part of any of the services offered, please contact the aftercare team.

*Chargeable Services


The Annual Inspection Service can include:

• One visit to site per year

• Maintenance adjustment

• Full inspection report detailing the condition and functionality of each product, including recommendations

• Cleaning

• Product operational checks

• Recoating the external face of the products

• Glazing inspections

Prior to the visit you will be contacted by our aftercare team who will gather any information that might be relevant to the service visit. This will then enable our team to pre-order the necessary parts to complete the works during the one visit. On the day of the agreed visit, the aftercare team will contact you to confirm the time of arrival, the technician will then fully assess all products including operation.

We offer comprehensive inspection services throughout the UK and we provide a range of inspection & maintenance programmes that are designed around the exact requirements of each client, this means you only pay for exactly what you need.


Paint & Painting

Surface damage to the face of your product can happen, it’s how you rectify them that matters. To help we are offering touch up paints for customers to be able to cover minor scratches themselves with the help of a step by step guide. To order paint please contact the aftercare team with the RAL and Order number printed on the side of your paint tin included in the Welcome Pack. If you aren’t confident carrying out your own repairs or the recoating cycle, we can arrange a fully trained technician to visit your home. Our technician will repair and recoat your door or window to factory finished conditions.


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