Our range of enhanced timber doors offers many different styles, both traditional and contemporary. Our glazed doors will brighten up even the darkest home with the benefit of natural sunlight; obscure glazing is available if you want to keep a little privacy for your home, whilst unglazed options are also available.


West Port’s range of enhanced timber doors offers a wide choice of styles, sizes and colours. Manufactured from a 44mm solid core laminate ply that incorporates two sheets of aluminium, they offer outstanding weather and security protection. The doors’ construction reduces the risk of bowing or twisting, ensuring many years of trouble-free operation.

* Can be easily adapted to be used as a fire escape

* PAS 23/24 compliant

* Fully compliant with Secured By Design

* FD30 and FD60 for Fire Escape (Optional)



* Single or double doors

* Available in a range of styles with a range of hardware design options

* Available as a standalone door-set or in combination with a variety of fanlight and sidelight coupled units

* Low level threshold as standard

* Optional traditional hardwood sub-cill

* Secured by Design option

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